Dr. George Bobbitt, DC, Practitioner of the Month, April 2016!

by Jaya Phillips of Rapid Release Technology

When we heard about Dr. Bobbitt’s amazing success with the Rapid Release Pro2, we had to share the good news! Here’s an interview we did with him. Enjoy!

Dr-George-BobbittRapid Release: How did you first get into Chiropractic work?

Dr. Bobbitt: I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a doctor, to help people feel better. After graduating valedictorian of both high school and pre-med, I decided to research the field of chiropractic and agreed whole-heartedly with it’s philosophy that the body can heal itself from the inside out if given the opportunity.

Rapid Release: What do you love most about being a chiropractor?

Dr. Bobbitt: I’m intrigued by combining the healing benefits of spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, massage, and nutrition. I love that we have been able to help thousands of patients in my practice.

Rapid Release: What have been some of your biggest challenges with your business?

Dr. Bobbitt: Having enough time to help as many patients as possible. Having enough resources and staff to provide massage and adjunct therapies to all the patients. Helping patients with long-standing stubborn issues who still complain of problems after all traditional and non-traditional methods have been used.

Rapid Release: How did you find out about Rapid Release Technology?

Dr. Bobbitt: I found out about Rapid Release through a Chiropractic Consultant who promotes Rapid Release heavily to his clients and teaches them how to use Rapid Release. I saw the product and researched it and thought this would be a great tool to handle fascia and other tough soft tissue issues. Another doctor friend of mine had one, and she gave great reviews about it as well.

Rapid Release: What interested you most about it?

Dr. Bobbitt: The fact that Rapid Release operates at a frequency that resonates scar tissue and adhesions impressed me. We have very few tools that can provide this level of soft tissue help. Fascia is very hard to work because of its tensile strength and its inability to stretch. I believe that this tool has and is revolutionizing soft tissue injuries. I see and have seen this tool adding significant healing for all my patients.

Rapid Release: How many units do you own?

Dr. Bobbitt: I own 4 units.

Rapid Release: How has RRT helped your patient’s progress?

Dr. Bobbitt: With the addition of RRT, we have seen a significant increase in correcting tougher cases. These cases range from foot, Achilles, shoulder and wrist issues to chronic tightness and discomfort, and back and neck problems. RRT has been the answer to fixing issues that we were not fixing with standard therapies. Patients never complain about it. I just recently had a patient buy one from us because he saw its tremendous value.

Rapid Release: How has RRT helped your business grow?

Dr. Bobbitt: I just started using this on my patients 3 months ago. This has allowed us to get better healing results with less wear on therapists’ hands. I have not even ran a campaign on it yet. No one in the public even knows that we have this technology. I am excited to help as many people as possible.

Rapid Release: Do you have any words of wisdom for other practitioners?

Dr. Bobbitt: Wisdom for others – buy it now! Your patients will absolutely love it. It will fix those issues that you are currently not fixing. Train the staff first, and use it on the staff for several weeks. They will love it!

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